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How Grammar Check works? provides you the best grammar check platform which has more than 2800 rules for finding the mistakes in your sentences and articles.

The tool is updated regularly to give you the best possible results. Simply write your content in any text editor or word processor that deems fit, and then copy paste it in the above given editor to check.

It shows all your Grammatical Errors, Punctuation Errors, Spelling Errors and in many common cases contextual errors too.

A lot of users use this to improve their written English. Earlier, we used to depend on Microsoft Word's punctuation checker but the days have changed and you get better results.

Detects Grammatical Mistakes

This checker is designed in a way to find almost all of the grammatical mistakes. With this instant grammar check tool, your content is Grammar Nazi foolproof!

Correct Mistakes

Detect writing mistakes, such as punctuation errors, run-on sentences, dangling modifiers, wrong words, style issues, and up to ten times more errors than popular word processors.

Explains Errors

All of your errors are explained with varying suggestions - helping you make the best choice for your project!

Why Writers Should Use a Grammar Check Tool?

Whether you are a content writer, blogger, editor or a student doing your homework you should be using this tool because Grammar lays the groundwork for effective communication in all languages. Whether English is your native or second language, we all make mistakes while writing. Improper grammar can change the meaning or clarity of the sentence. If you are a blogger, you should especially look for grammatical errors in your content as Google gives preference to content that is well written. Some common grammatical mistakes are with punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, subject/verb tense and other basic mechanics and parts of speech. Something as basic as a comma can change the meaning of the sentence if it is misplaced. Consider it as one of your free writing assistant that does the basic proofreading for you.